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As an acute physical rehabilitation facility, the care provided is more intense than the levels of care provided at a Skilled Nursing Facility. Adastra Health Care - Orion Center provides the following services.


Continuous (24-hour)

skilled nursing and supportive care provided by licensed healthcare professionals under the supervision and direction of a board certified Medical Director (MD/DO).


Subacute Rehabilitation

for physical, occupational and recreational therapy provided by licensed physical therapists.

Elderly patient with bp, heart rate, digital pulse check equipment for medical geriatric awareness in stroke systolic high blood pressure, hypertension, hypotension and cardiovascular disease in aged senior older woman person

Frequent / Intermittent

vital signs, neurologic and/or vascular monitoring requiring 24-hour care.



or tracheostomy dependence/complex pulmonary care that cannot be provided at a lower level of care.


Intermittent Respiratory Therapy

services for oxygen delivery, suctioning, CPAP or BiPAP.


Dietary Care

including tube feeding or total parenteral nutrition (TPN) with other medical co-morbidities not manageable at a lower level of care.



or ileostomy care not manageable at a lower level of care.


Complex wound care

(debridgement, packing, extensive dressing) requiring an extended time period (>30 minutes) or intravenous analgesia prior to care.


Medication monitoring

of intravenous antibiotics or 5 or more medications.


Physically disabled

persons requiring assistance with ADL’s, IADL’s and/or medical skilled needs.


Psychosocial Support

provided by licensed clinical social workers and therapists.


Complex Teaching

services to the individual or caregiver requiring 24-hour facility setting.


Skin Care

oral care and position changes that cannot be provided at a lower level of care.

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Our mission is to achieve an environment where our resident and their family see themselves not as patients but rather as members of our extended family. We strive to meet all their needs on a 24-hour, 7-day basis.

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