Multi-Step Approach to Treatments

Adastra Health Care believes that an optimal treatment plan is one that is intensive, comprehensive and manages both the physical and emotional aspects of pain.

We use a multi-step approach in developing each patient’s rehabilitation program, which consists of identifying the precise diagnosis by utilizing the latest imaging technology. We begin the process of rehabilitation early in the patient’s recovery plan, which enables patients to optimize both their independence and abilities needed to return home. By developing a comprehensive pain management plan, our dedicated and compassionate team of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists improve individual’s quality of life in effort to reduce medication dependence and further restore function.

Collaboration in Recovery

In effort to ensure each patient’s well-being, we encourage each patient to collaborate in the medical decision-making process. By creating a compassionate environment, we enable our residents to exercise their freedom to make choices with dignity. At Adastra Health Care, we’re committed to your recovery.