Personal Injury Patients

Adastra Health Care – Orion Center works with attorneys throughout the Southern California area to care for patients who have been injured in personal injuries due to the negligence of another party. Many individuals come to us after enduring injuries from car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, airplane accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents and under-insured/uninsured motorists. Without needing to wait for cases to settle, Adastra Health Care is pleased to offer care to patients immediately on their pending legal claim.


Adastra Health Care provides medically necessary rehabilitation services in an effort to improve
individual’s functional abilities relating to mobility, activities of daily living and abilities related to

language and speech functioning. Our program case managers coordinate treatment plans with hospitals
and insurance plans.

State & Federally Funded

In an effort to provide care to all patients who require rehabilitation services, Adastra Health Care has
enrolled in public funding programs including but not limited to Medi-Cal.